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Nils Gehlenborg Nils Gehlenborg (Harvard Medical School)

Peter Kharchenko Peter Kharchenko (Harvard Medical School)

Leonid Mirny Leonid Mirny (MIT)

Peter J. Park Peter J. Park (Harvard Medical School)
Principal Investigator

Hanspeter Pfister Hanspeter Pfister (Harvard University)

Ting Wang Ting Wang (Washington University in St. Louis)
Principal Investigator (WashU)

Feng Yue Feng Yue (Penn State)
Co-Investigator (WashU)


Nezar Abdennur Nezar Abdennur (MIT)
PhD Student

Mayank Choudhary Mayank Choudhary (Washington University in St. Louis)
Graduate Student

Anton Goloborodko Anton Goloborodko (MIT)
PhD Student

Hu Jin Hu Jin (Harvard Medical School)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dhawal Jain Dhawal Jain (Harvard Medical School)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Josh Jang Josh Jang (Washington University in St. Louis)
Graduate Student

Peter Kerpedijev Peter Kerpedijev (Harvard Medical School)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Fritz Lekschas Fritz Lekschas (Harvard University)
Graduate Student

Daofeng Li Daofeng Li (Washington University in St. Louis)
Postdoctoral Researcher

Deepak Purushotham Deepak Purushotham (Washington University in St. Louis)
Research Analyst

Renee Sears Renee Sears (Washington University in St. Louis)
Graduate Student

Su Wang Su Wang (Harvard Medical School)
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Burak Alver Burak Alver (Harvard Medical School)
Scientific Project Manager

Alexander Balashov Alexander Balashov (Harvard Medical School)
Front-End Web Developer

Anna Chung Anna Chung (Harvard Medical School)
Project Coordinator

Shannon Ehmsen Shannon Ehmsen (Harvard Medical School)
Graphics Designer

Jeremy Johnson Jeremy Johnson (Harvard Medical School)
Software Development Consultant / Architect

Koray Kirli Koray Kirli (Harvard Medical School)
Data Curator

Soohyun Lee Soohyun Lee (Harvard Medical School)
Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Luisa Mercado Luisa Mercado (Harvard Medical School)
Assistant Data Curator

Sarah Reiff Sarah Reiff (Harvard Medical School)
Data Curator

Andrew Schroeder Andrew Schroeder (Harvard Medical School)
Senior Data Curator

Chad Serrant Chad Serrant (Harvard Medical School)
Senior Software Developer

Carl Vitzthum Carl Vitzthum (Harvard Medical School)
Back-End Web Developer